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We help you grow by leveraging the power of feedback and insight to align your strategy to the needs of the people that matter most to your organisation .

The result?  Informed decision making. Engaged stakeholders. Improved performance.


With our market research experience and deep sector knowledge we deliver insights to inform your strategy, empower your team and improve your performance.





Survey Matters is the leading market research agency for the association and not for profit sector.

We have helped a wide range of organisations understand their value proposition - what is important to their stakeholders, how they want their association to help them and how satisfied they are with their associations' performance in key areas.  We also work with associations to generate and build industry data and knowledge to support advocacy, promotion, industry development and marketing activities. 

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We facilitate strategic and ongoing conversations with your stakeholders so you can understand what REALLY matters.  Because only then can you design services and strategies that will meet their needs.


Working with a large range of organisations in the not for profit sector, we have developed deep knowledge and proven methods to help align your strategy with the needs and preferences of your stakeholders.  We adapt our approach and custom design all projects to meet the business and research objectives.  Whether you want a quick and simple reach out to your members, a segmentation study that helps you truly understand your base, an ongoing depth insight community or industry insights to support your advocacy efforts.


Industry Insights & Reports

Industry data provides information vital to support the advocacy and public relations work associations undertake on behalf of the profession or industry they represent.

Engagement Research

Conducting regular engagement research is fundamental to strategic planning and essential to the development of successful retention and engagement strategies.

Public Opinion Research

Consulting the market to understand public opinion about issues affecting your industry adds to sector knowledge and increases the value you provide members.



We’ve done our research and have a wide variety of tools and techniques to choose from, depending on the information you need.

We custom design all of our projects. Our aim is always to make sure the research provides you with practical data, ideas and strategies you can implement to improve your association's performance.  Whether it be increasing retention, driving engagement strategies, designing product offerings or providing evidence of program outcomes.

  • Online surveys
  • Social media monitoring
  • Focus groups & depth interviews
  • Online discussions and forums
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Segmentation studies
  • Engagement indices
  • Benchmarks



    We've worked with a range of industry bodies, professional associations and not for profit organisations to help them bring their insights program to life.