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Survey Matters is the leading research and strategic insights agency for the Australasian association and membership sector



WE GIVE your MEMBERS a voice.  

Using feedback and community engagement tools, Survey Matters is helping professional and industry associations adapt to the changing demands of members to develop a sustainable value proposition.  Because we know that members who believe that their association understands their needs are more satisfied, more engaged and more likely to recommend membership to others.  



Only 53% of members think that their association understands their needs.*

Do you know what your members need?  


* Associations Matter : 2014 Professional Associations Study

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Using our benchmark data and in-depth knowledge of members' preferences, we help associations grow by leveraging the power of feedback to align your strategy to the needs of the people that matter most to your organisation - your members.

The result?  Informed decision making.  Engaged members.  Improved performance.


How we do it

Working with a large range of associations we have developed a proven methodology to help you align your strategic objectives with the needs and preferences of your members.    We adapt our approach to suit your needs, whether you want a quick and simple reach out to your members, or an ongoing depth insight community.

Strategic Research & Insight

Our customised strategic member and industry research delivers practical insight that improves the effectiveness and relevance of your association, creating a sustainable membership model.


Insight Communities

The newest way to crowd source ideas, drive engagement and really understand your community.  An ongoing conversation with members that builds deeper understanding, over the long term.

Association Benchmarks

We like to give back to our community.  Our Associations Matter benchmark projects facilitate collaboration and make membership research more affordable and accessible for associations of all sizes.

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we MAKE member insights AFFORDABLE

The Associations Matter Survey facilitates the collaboration required to generate a comprehensive view of the association sector.  And it can be used by individual member organisations to conduct your own member survey - at a price you can afford.

Contact us to conduct your own Associations Matter Survey.


We have some great CLIENTS!

We've had the pleasure of working with some organisations doing really great work.  To find out more, contact us directly at


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Because we believe that the best ideas are freely available.  That they come from the people who know your association best.   And that they have a measurable impact on your performance.  

We also believe that all you have to do is ask for them!