More Drivers of Member Engagement

Following the article which outlined the top two activities that influence members’ satisfaction with your performance, here we discuss the next most important activities that drive member engagement. 

We have consolidated all the responses to the same or similar questions from members and conducted statistical correlations to determine which services and activities have the most impact on four of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for associations:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Propensity to recommend membership,
  • Renewal intentions, and
  • Value for money

As we explained in the first article, how well members perceive that their association protects and enhances their individual reputation and credibility, and the associations’ performance in providing leadership to protect the interests and reputation of the profession are the top two activities that influence the KPIs.

The next two most influential activities are:

1.       Whether members feel they belong to a respected professional community

2.       That the Board and Management understand the needs of members

Again, tangible services like professional development, events, networking and career development are nowhere to be seen. That’s not to say that these activities are unimportant, but they do not impact members’ satisfaction to the same degree that those listed above and previously do.

Members who agree or strongly agree that their association gives them a sense of belonging to a respected community, and who believe that the Board and Management understands ordinary members (like themselves) are far more likely to agree or strongly agree that they are satisfied with overall performance, intend to renew and actively recommend membership to others.

So, what’s all this telling us?

We think that the implications are quite profound for the future of associations.

We think that your strategy needs to be based around building a strong, credible, and respected community, lead by people who understand what really matters to members. That you need to be actively promoting the value of using qualified professionals and advocating on behalf members. That you need to demonstrate to members, the public and governments that your association is truly representative, and that profession or industry would suffer without your associations’ presence.

It’s not easy! But, at the heart of this we believe that these are the things that only associations can do – this is your unique value proposition – this is what you can do that no-one else can.

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