The Activities that Drive Perceptions of Performance

Over the past five years, we have conducted countless customised membership surveys, as well as our syndicated Association Matter Studies. In this time, we have gathered tens of thousands of responses from members about their attitudes to membership and perceptions of your performance.

Recently, we consolidated all the responses to the same or similar questions from professional association members and conducted statistical correlations to determine which services and activities have the most impact on four of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for associations:

·       Renewal intentions,

·       Propensity to recommend membership,

·       Overall satisfaction, and

·       Value for money

And the result may surprise you! Because it’s not your professional development offerings, it’s not your networking activities and it’s not even the information you provide about the industry or profession (although the latter does have some impact on perceptions) that influence members’ attitudes towards your overall performance.

So, what are the activities that drive members’ satisfaction, renewal intentions, propensity to recommend and perceptions of value? The top two are:

1.     How well members perceive that their association protects and enhances their individual reputation and credibility within the marketplace; and

2.     The associations’ performance in providing leadership to protect the interests and reputation of the profession as a whole.

Members who agreed or strongly agreed that their association acts to protect and enhance their credibility and that you provide strong leadership to protect the overall reputation of the profession are MUCH more likely to subsequently agree or strongly agree that they are satisfied with the association’s performance. They are also far more likely to believe that membership offers value for money, to agree that they will renew their membership, and to actively recommend membership to others.

Before we examined the relationship between association activities and these four KPIs, we had assumed that the more ‘tangible’ activities, such as professional development, networking, career development etc. would have a greater impact on perceptions of performance. However, we were quite wrong in that assumption! It’s the actions and services offered by the association that contribute towards members’ personal credibility and the reputation of the profession as a whole that drives their attitudes the associations’ performance.

So, what does this mean for you and your association?

Clearly, how members are perceived by their own customers, and how their profession is regarded overall is critical to them.

Overall there are seven activities that have a high impact on members’ perception of your performance and in the coming weeks we will be discussing these in more detail through these newsletters.

Do you know how well your members think you perform in these areas?

To find out we are offering a free 1 hour consultation with you and your Board/Leadership Team where we will present the seven drivers of engagement and discuss how you can measure and improve in these areas. 

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