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We are dedicated to delivering research and industry insights that improve effectiveness, engagement and innovation.  To helping you ask the right questions.  To giving your stakeholders the confidence to provide honest feedback.  And to helping you use research to facilitate evidence based strategic planning

We always adapt our approach and custom design all projects to meet the business and research objectives, whether you want a quick and simple reach out to your members, or an ongoing depth insight community.

Our market research services are designed to provide the evidence you need to:

  • Set strategy and implement change
  • Understand stakeholder challenges and gather ideas for solutions
  • Develop tailored stakeholder engagement and involvement strategies
  • Identify areas of high organisational performance and opportunities for improvement
  • Assess the effectiveness of teams, processes and programs
  • Improve recruitment and retention programs

Industry Insights

Associations provide a unique service.  They create common benefits for members by monitoring trends, building and sharing knowledge and advocating on behalf of the industry to influence economic and regulatory conditions.

Our industry insight reports provide information vital to build data and knowledge and support the advocacy and public relations work associations undertake on behalf of the profession or industry they represent.  

  • Industry Research Reports
  • Economic Activity Surveys
  • Employment & Salary Surveys
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engagement Surveys


Based on analysis of feedback from thousands of stakeholders, our engagement framework assesses the value model of associations and membership organisations, helping you to understand the key drivers of engagement amongst your members.


  • The advantage belonging to your association provides.
  • The strategic issues your members want your association to focus on.
  • The importance and value of the services your association provides.
  • Members perceptions of how well you promote them to the public.
  • Engagement, satisfaction and participation indexes
  • Are members likely to renew their membership?  
  • Are they likely to recommend their association to others?

Public Opinion 

Brand is crucial.  Our research has shown that associations who can provide leadership to build a strong, respected and credible professional brand will reap the benefits through membership growth and long term sustainability. 

Consulting the market to understand public opinion about issues affecting your industry adds to sector knowledge, increases the value you provide members and provides that you need to build the profile of your members with the public.

Consulting the public on issues relevant to your industry can include:

  • Understanding of the role of your industry / profession 
  • Consumer purchase habits and preferences
  • Demand for new products and services
  • Impact of and public support for legislative or regulatory change