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Outcomes Focused Research.

To make sure we really understand your objectives, first we take the time to listen.  We then design a program that directly addresses the business challenge. 


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All our projects are custom designed with the objectives in mind.  There is no point doing research otherwise.

We always take the time to really listen to what you need and use a variety of research techniques depending on your objectives.  We might conduct a quick poll, an in-depth survey or run a consultation session.  We might run a social media monitor or set up an insight community.     

Whatever approach we use, we promise to help you ask the questions that will give you the answers that you really need.   Using rigorous data collection and analysis processes, we then present the key insights in easy to understand formats aligned to your desired outcomes and with recommendations for key actions.

 Our aim is always to make sure the research provides you with practical data, ideas and strategies you can implement to improve your association's performance.  Whether it be increasing retention, driving engagement strategies, designing product offerings or providing evidence of program outcomes.

Quantitative research & analytics

Collects data to measure the extent to which opinions and attitudes are shared amongst a target audience. While qualitative research can provide more depth than quantitative research, a well-designed quantitative tool provides breadth, as well as a sound evidence base upon which to make decisions.


Online Surveys

The most cost effective way to reach your target audience. Measure member engagement, test product and service preferences, gauge program effectiveness, gather industry data and understand public opinion.


Social Media Monitoring

One big focus group! Understand public sentiment and opinion about the profession or industry you represent by monitoring social media conversations. 


Segmentation and Typologies

Identify different groups within your larger stakeholder base.  Study their varied attributes, behaviours and preferences to design targeted products, services and programs.



Engagement Indices

Use our tested and proven engagement index, incorporating member typologies, participation levels and satisfaction with services.  Test the drivers of engagement for different segments.




Qualitative Research

While qualitative research is not designed to be representative in any statistical sense, and findings cannot usually be generalised to the wider population, it provides a richness and depth of understanding often missing from quantitative only studies.   We often say it provides the real 'story' behind the numbers.  It also provides a sound base for the development, content and structure of a quantitative study or to delve more deeply into specific topics at the conclusion of a quantitative project.


Focus Groups

Listen to opinions and perspectives in stakeholders own words.  Our expert moderators draw insights from group discussions and interactions to understand the why behind stated preferences and behaviours.

Depth Interviews

Conducted either face to face, via telephone or online, one on one depth interviews with key executives, stakeholders, members, customers and employees inform much of our research.

Online Discussion Forums

Like focus groups, but able to reach a much wider audience, more cost effectively. Conduct the discussions online, using a real-time chat session.


Workshops and Planning Sessions

Conducted at various stages of the project journey to maximise value and generate commitment to outcomes, we convene strategic planning, stakeholder consultation, idea generation and insight presentation workshops.