Phillip Island Nature Parks (PINP) is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Victoria. With five (5) separate attractions - the (famous) Penguin Parade; the Koala Conservation Centre; Churchill Island Heritage Farm; Wild Oceans Eco-boat Tours; and the Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies Centre, PINP is a non-profit organisation that prides itself in finding a balance between their acclaimed conservation programs and quality ecotourism experiences. PINP is a non-profit organisation and all revenue generated through their ecotourism activities is invested back into vital conservation, education and research programs.

With ecotourism the primary source of revenue, it is imperative that customers who visit the attractions are satisfied with their experience and that they spread the word to others. And that’s where Survey Matters comes in. Since 2011, Survey Matters has been tracking visitor satisfaction for PINP, through multi-mode research involving online surveys after a customer visit and face to face visitor exit surveys conducted periodically throughout the year.

Since 2011, Survey Matters has collected a wealth of data and enabled the tracking of visitor satisfaction, perceived value for money and propensity to both re-visit and recommend the attraction to others.

The result is PINP’s ability to monitor and track feedback over time, allowing them to adjust service provision to improve visitors’ experience and provide evidence to important stakeholders, including overseas tourism organisations, travel agencies and government about the overall visitor experience, thereby continuing to attract new and repeat visitors.