The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is the peak representative of the community broadcasting sector. Each week, over 5 million people tune in to more than 450 not-for-profit, community-owned and operated radio services operating across Australia. These stations provide programming that caters to the needs and interest groups of their communities and contribute to and reflect Australian culture.

As part of their responsibility to promote and advocate on behalf of community radio stations to government agencies and funding organisations, CBAA collects data on programming and content, employment and volunteer numbers, technology and infrastructure, and financial information.

Survey Matters collects all of this data for the CBAA, using three quantitative ‘census’ surveys. These are complex research projects, requiring attention to detail and accurate reporting, therefore we set up a research panel to track and manage responses. This has allowed us to simplify the collection of the data over time and reduce the burden on participating stations by only asking them to provide data and information that has changed since the previous surveys.

The information collected provides evidence of the contribution to the economy and community that community broadcasting stations in Australia deliver and is used to enhance the profile of the sector and inform media and government authorities.


"Survey Matters has been instrumental in the implementation of the CBAA’s renewed research strategy, which is aimed at ensuring that our research best meets the needs of the community radio sector. Brenda and Rebecca are a pleasure to work with!" Helen Henry, Senior Communications Officer, CBAA