We are a specialist research agency.  We like it that way.  It means we can get to know you better.  That we can spend more time learning about your business, your people, and your objectives. In our view, that's the best way to ensure the work we do provides real value.

Survey Matters is a ten year old agency, specialising in research for membership and for purpose organisations.  Over that time, we have helped a wide range of organisations understand their value proposition - what is important to members, how they want their association to help them and how satisfied they are with their associations' performance in key areas.  We also work with organisations to generate and build industry data and knowledge to support advocacy, promotion, industry development and marketing activities.

With a unique combination of sector knowledge, research experience, business acumen and project management and understanding of organisational change, we offer a refreshing alternative to larger consulting and research firms.

Survey Matters is managed by Co-Founders Brenda Mainland and Rebecca Sullivan.



Brenda Mainland

Brenda loves people! She loves asking them what they think.  Understanding why they do what they do. And she's great at creating networks and community. 

With a long history and comprehensive knowledge of strategy, project management and organisational development, Brenda has also witnessed first-hand the effect that applying information and knowledge about stakeholders' perspectives has on driving organisational success.

Her passion for customer service ensures that we deliver all of our projects on time and within budget, and that our customers can be confident they are receiving the best quality outcome from their investment.

Brenda holds a Master of Management from Monash University.


Bec (2).jpg

         Rebecca Sullivan

The bigger picture is what drives Bec.  She loves thinking about future demographic, technological and economic trends.  Trying to work out what impact they will have on different people, groups, industries and organisations.  

Her education and experience combines strategic business analysis and research skills with an understanding of the information necessary to drive business improvement. Her awareness of current trends in research techniques and technologies, and in-depth knowledge of membership, employee and customer engagement strategy provides the ideal combination of skills and experience.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business and IT (Hons) from the University of Melbourne.




At its core, our research agency is based on the belief that the best decisions are data driven. That true understanding comes from information, analysis and insight.  And that to thrive in the ever-changing environment we operate in, organisations need to use feedback to drive their strategy and service offering.”