Using our benchmark data and in-depth knowledge of member based organisations, we help associations grow by leveraging the power of feedback to align your strategy to the needs of the people that matter most to your organisation




Industry REsearch


Industry research provides information vital to build knowledge, understand public opinion and support the advocacy and public relations work associations undertake on behalf of the profession or industry they represent.  


  • Industry Participation Surveys
  • Economic Activity Survey
  • Employment & Salary Surveys
  • Consumer  / Public Opinion Research
  • Issues Based Research & Analysis
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Member Engagement Surveys


Based on analysis of feedback from thousands of members, our member engagement framework assesses the value model of associations and membership organisations, helping you to understand the key drivers of engagement amongst your members.


  • The advantage belonging to your association provides.
  • The strategic issues your members want your association to focus on.
  • The importance and value of the services your association provides.
  • Members perceptions of how well you promote them to the public.
  • Engagement, satisfaction and participation indexes
  • Are members likely to renew their membership?  
  • Are they likely to recommend their association to others?

Benchmark Surveys

We have worked with lots of associations.  We have conducted hundreds of member research projects.  And we have collected literally thousands of member survey responses.  That adds up to a lot of data.  And it has given us some really good insight into what members want.  

Access to our industry wide benchmarks make it possible to:

  • Test the known drivers of member engagement in your organsiation
  • Provide context to your research findings
  • Compare your performance to similar organisations
  • Collaborate with other associations for the benefit of your members