2015 Associations Matter Study Open!

About the research

Following the outstanding success of the Associations Matter Studies in 2013 and 2014, Survey Matters is about to embark on the 2015 research.  So far we have gathered the opinions of over 20,000 members of professional and industry associations across Australia and New Zealand, and we are excited to announce the launch of this year's study.

This year we will be drawing on the feedback already provided in previous studies to delve deeper into members' opinions on their most important issues, and seeking input into how their association can assist.  Whilst some questions will remain the same to track trends over time, much of it will differ based on information that is already known – after all, members don’t want to answer the same questions over and over!

We intend to combine both professional and industry associations into one body of research.  This allows us to benchmark the same questions across each association type, but still enables us to explore different topics unique to each. 

We are also asking you for ideas about specific topics or questions you would like to see included.


  • Registration for the 2015 Study is open now
  • The survey will run between July and September, 2015
  • Results will be available before the end of the year


  • By taking part you will contribute to valuable sector information and will be able to benchmark your performance against other associations.  
  • The unique structure of the survey provides the opportunity to use it as a tool to conduct your own membership survey, for a fraction of the cost of doing it individually.
  • The collaborative nature of these studies enables smaller associations to access the benefits of membership research at an affordable price 

What do participating associations say about these studies?

“Our individual results, benchmarked against the overall findings, delivered great information for us to use – it validated some of the work that we had already done and provided practical insights into other issues.“

“We have found the Survey results extremely helpful in prioritising activity and shaping the future strategy of our association by assisting the Board and management to better understand members' current needs from an association.”

“This was a very easy project to participate in: Survey Matters took care of everything.  They … were very professional and delivered an extremely thorough report at the end.”

Rebecca Sullivan

Survey Matters, 37 Byron St, Elwood, VIC, 3184, Australia