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There is no point doing research otherwise.  Our style is to work with you and your members to uncover ideas and design evidence backed solutions that shape strategy and provide practical direction for change. 




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We use a variety of techniques depending on your objectives and your reasons for seeking feedback.

We might conduct a quick poll, an in-depth survey or run a consultation session.  We might run a social media monitor or set up an insight community.     

Whatever approach we use, we promise to help you ask the questions that will give you the answers that you really need.    Our aim is always to make sure the research provides you with practical data, ideas and strategies you can implement to improve your association's performance.  Whether it be increasing membership retention, driving engagement strategies, designing professional development offerings or providing evidence of program outcomes.


Quantitative Research & analytics

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Social Media Monitoring

One big focus group! Understand public sentiment and opinion about the profession or industry you represent by monitoring social media conversations.

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Online Surveys

The most cost effective way to reach your target audience. Measure member engagement, gather industry data, research public opinion.



Access our association specific engagement benchmarks. See how your research results compare to others, either across the sector as a whole, or within “like” sub-sectors


Engagement Indices

Use our tested and proven engagement index, incorporating member typologies, participation levels and satisfaction with services.  Learn the drivers of engagement for different segments.



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Focus Groups & Depth Interviews

Hear opinions and perspectives in stakeholders own words. Then test them with your wider audience through online surveys.


Online Discussion Forums

Like focus groups, but able to reach a much wider audience, more cost effectively. Conduct the discussions online, using a real-time chat session.