Intuitively, most of us know that member engagement has an impact on growth, retention and association performance.  But what factors motivate an engaged member? What keeps them renewing their membership? And, most importantly, is there a correlation between highly engaged members and your associations’ performance?

To find out, we carried out a key driver analysis* with over 34,000 responses from 75 member surveys conducted over the past 5 years, to identify the key service elements that have the highest impact on  four key performance indicators - overall satisfaction, perception of value, renewal intentions and NPS.

And the answers might surprise you! 

Because it’s not your professional development offerings, nor is it the opportunities to connect and network with others that you provide.  It’s not even your accreditation or certification program.  These may be reasons members join, but they are not the services driving satisfaction, renewal and positive recommendation.

The activity that impacts all four KPIs the most is how well you protect and enhance your members’ reputation and credibility in their chosen profession or industry.

There are another six activities and services that have a high impact on satisfaction, renewal, value and recommendation. And we will be using these in the 2017 Associations Matter: Member Engagement Benchmarks to identify the drivers of engagement for every association who takes part.

About the Associations Matter Member Engagement Benchmarks

To find out which of the services you offer your members have the greatest impact on their overall satisfaction with their membership, we invite you to take part in the latest Associations Matter benchmark study.

The Associations Matter study is a collaborative research project that will establish Australasia’s first ever sector-wide member engagement benchmark.  As a participant, you will receive your individual results, together with the specific drivers of engagement in your association.  You will also benefit from the ability to directly compare your performance with the sector benchmarks, and learn what to do to improve performance.

All at a fraction of the cost of conducting your own member survey.

It costs just $6,950 and offers individual associations:

  • A member engagement survey
  • An individual report with data tables, frequency distributions and graphical representation for each question
  • Cross-tabulation of questions to identify differences between population segments or demographics
  • Identification of the key drivers of engagement in your association
  • Comparison of your associations’ performance against the benchmark


Register Your Interest

The first project will commence in September 2017.  To secure your involvement, please register your interest below.  We will be in touch with further details.

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Some of the associations who've participated in the past .

We have been conducting the Associations Matter Member Surveys for the past three years.  We have collected over 25,000 responses from members and helped over 70 associations access the benefits of membership research.  And we have generated some fascinating insights and ideas from members across Australasia.

  • Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
  • Australian Dental Association (Victorian Branch)
  • Association of Queensland Nurse Leaders
  • Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • Australian School Library Association
  • Australian Trucking Association
  • Australian Veterinary Association
  • Australian Window Association
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
  • Crane Industry Council of Australia
  • Institute of Management Consultants
  • Institute of Public Accountants
  • Master Painters Association of Victoria / Tasmania
  • Master Plumbers & Mechanical Services Association
  • Mathematical Association of Victoria
  • Migration Institute of Australia
  • New Zealand Veterinary Association
  • Occupational Therapy Australia
  • Planning Institute of Australia
  • Public Relations Institute of Australia
  • Real Estate Institute of New South Wales
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Speech Pathology Australia
  • Vinyl Council of Australia